Wistow Village

The village and parish of Wistow, Cambridgeshire

21 August 2017

Visitor Testimonials

This page lists testimonials from visitors to our website.

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Janice Smith

A very impressive and helpful website!

15 Feb 2014

Richard Humphrey

Hi, I came across your beautiful village purely by chance. The village is a real gem and the website a credit to all the people who have put it together. I plan to come back soon and have a more in depth look around. Keep up the good work.

24 May 2013

Brian Gott

A very nice cleanly designed site.

14 May 2013

Andrew Harding

Good work, had a browse this morning and the site is fantastic!

19 Mar 2008

Rob Poskitt

Well laid out site

29 Feb 2008

John Hutchison

Many thanks enjoyed the site very interesting, Good photographs.

16 May 2007

Jeremy Thornton

Really enjoyed the old photos

14 May 2007

Andy Notman

I must say, the Wistow village website is VERY impressive, keep up the good work!

09 Nov 2006

Patsy Coles

Website is great, it is lovely to have a form of village communication.

07 Nov 2006

John Wiltshire

The site is absolutely fantastic. It's extremely informative and easy to navigate. Our congratulations to the web master.

04 Nov 2006


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